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Could Your Car Use a Tuneup?

Visit Hoover and Sons Auto Repair, Inc.,Flint, MI's premier auto shop

The key to preventing issues with your car is regular tuneups. If it's been a while since your last tuneup, contact Hoover and Sons Auto Repair, Inc. Our auto technicians will help you avoid costly repairs by carefully inspecting your vehicle and making note of any worn or damaged parts.

No matter the age or condition of your car, we have the experience and capability needed to identify and fix potential issues before they become bigger problems.

Our knowledgeable team will keep your car in pristine condition with our quality auto care & tuneup services. Contact Hoover and Sons Auto Repair to learn more!

Schedule your next tuneup at Hoover and Sons Auto Repair

Flint, Michigan's Hoover and Sons Auto Repair offers tuneup services that will keep your car operating efficiently all year long. You can come to us for assistance with:

  • Computerized engine controls
  • Check engine lights
  • Engine performance issues
  • Suspension work, and more

We'll thoroughly inspect your vehicle and run diagnostics to make sure everything is in working order! Call Hoover and Sons Auto Repair at (810) 233-3441 for an auto care appointment.